As Performer

Ivona, Princess of Burgundy, Tibaldus / Toneelhuis hi
“(…) One of the most unexpected shows on this year’s fringe. (…) The role of Ivona is brilliantly and startlingly played by David van Dijcke, a towering, well-muscled male dancer who becomes Ivona simply by shutting down his facial expression, and adopting an unmistakable dragging limp.
– Joyce McMillan in The Scotsman ****, August 26, 2017 I repeat, towering, well-muscled. Thank god for the return of in-person conferences. If I’d have to rely on the quality of my work only…

These Associations, Tino Sehgal / Palais de Tokyo hi

Répétitions, Asad Raza / Fondation Boghossian Yes, that’s me lugging a giant Rauschenberg around an art gallery. hi

It’s Not About You Anymore, Louise De Groef hi
– Official Selection, Blowup International Arthouse Film Festival Chicago – Honorable Mention, Canada Shorts Film Festival – Best Short Film Finalist, Skepto International Film Festival (IT)

Othello, Carl von Winckelmann / fABULEUS
“Top-notch text-based theatre”
– **** De Morgen

As Director

The Remaining Act hi

Outwards (Exploration #1) hi